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Saved by the Roast Beef

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

I grew up on a hill overlooking the town. A winding road led up to our house and mostly we walked home from school. This day however Mum had picked me up and I sat in the back seat next to the dinner – a big chunk of roast beef wrapped in newspaper. Half-way home Mum stopped at the corner where we had our milk box. This was small town New Zealand in the 1970’s with milkmen and home delivered groceries. I jumped out of the car, put the empty glass bottles into the milk box and jumped back in my seat right behind Mum. But I didn’t shut the car door.

‘I wonder if I can get all the way home with the door open,’ I thought.

Mum took off up the road, in a distracted hurry as usual. She zoomed around the first ninety degree corner. The force pulled the door open with me hanging onto it. I flew through the air and landed on the neighbour’s concrete driveway. There I was lying on concrete with the roast beef under my head. You can imagine my mother’s horror (and guilt because for the next 25 years, until I told her otherwise, she believed that she had not shut the car door.) Yet I had not a scratch.

One day, years later, while I was praying the Lord reminded me of that incident. I had been sitting right next to the door holding it open. How could the roast beef that had been sitting on the seat beside me fly out of the car and somehow get past me to land under my head? No law of physics could explain that. I could imagine an angel grabbing that huge chunk of meat and placing it under my head so it did not crack open on the concrete.

I realised that the Lord is with us and saves us from so many disasters – even when we are not aware of it. We do not have to be ‘good’ or meet a certain standard. God’s love is not performance based love. He loved us long before we loved Him (1 John 4:10).

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