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Hope For Times Like These - Giveaway!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Welcome to my Easter newsletter, especially the many who have just joined due to this fantastic faith inspired fiction giveaway. I am super excited to be part of it and am honoured that The Silk Merchant of Sychar sits among such well known and loved inspirational authors.

It's all thanks to Christine Dillon who invited me to be part of the giveaway - and who, after judging my book in the 2021 Caleb Awards, told me that I just had to join Book Bub. My marketing efforts until then had been minimal... actually non-existent would be a better way to put it! Thank you Christine for your encouragement.

Christine's book, Grace in the Shadows, won the 2019 Caleb Prize. Her characters battle relatable, real life issues and her writing is easy to read. I am currently enjoying another in the series, Grace in Strange Disguise.

There are over 20 prizes available in this Easter giveaway. If you want to enter to win a book of your choice from those pictured above, click here.

Meanwhile, I am boosting my writing brain with these vitamin and fibre filled fruit that hide among a hedge of olive-silver leaves. Feijoas are one of my favourite fruit, and one of the perks of being back in New Zealand.

My husband and I have been re-living the days of our youth when most Kiwi families had a feijoa bush in their back yard. Every day we gather them from the ground and pick them off the bush, standing there like little kids eating one after another.

Nothing beats eating fruit straight from the tree. For me, it's a tiny taste of what Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden of Eden.

I hope you too are enjoying sweet Easter fruit - in Australia and NZ, luscious autumn apples, feijoas and figs or in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun-burst berries of spring. May God bless you with his peace this Easter.

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